Web Development

In 2014 I decided to switch direction in my career and move from digital policies to web development. In fact, the challenge was not so much about changing occupation, but rather a question of changing perspective on what I had done so far, and actually enjoyed doing – which happened to involve a good deal of websites’ creation and administration.

While it was not my primary focus, I came to realise that I had somehow acquired eight years experience in building and running more or less complex platforms as necessary supports to a variety of projects. There was in truth only one thing left for me to become a proper web developer: learning once and for all programming languages.

I already knew the basics of CSS – necessary to customise style sheets – and HTML – on which wiki syntax, which I had used a lot, is based. I decided to give myself six months to get familiar with javaScript, jQuery and PHP, started online courses and launched a web start-up with my partner – now husband. I have since then worked on a number of front-end and back-end projects.

Here are some examples of websites, applications and themes that I built.

Chrome apps:

  • Blue Pixel Art: a fun, accessible app to experiment with pixel art;
  • Weekly Habits: a useful tool to organise your weekly habits;
  • Bamboo Chat: a digital friend to share your thoughts with;
  • Colour Dots: a multicolour version of Blue Pixel Art.




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