My first app

I did it! After six months learning programming and working as part of Black Badger Labs I have created my very first app from scratch using JavaScript and jQuery. While it still needs some improvement, it is now available for free trial on Google Chrome. Who would have guessed: I may well have a proper profession to show on my CV soon.

How on Earth did I not realise earlier that becoming a programmer was actually an option – this is the real question. I was given my first computer by my father at the age of 9 and have been involved in the software industry since the completion of my studies twelve years ago. In 2007 I started building rather complex websites using wiki syntax. Still, I did not think I could actually *write software* myself until recently.

Why? Because I am a woman? I doubt it. Because I picked up law studies and thought programming was absolutely out of reach given what I considered to be a non technical background? More likely. Which seriously calls into question our educational system.

Not yet graduated from high school we are exhorted to decide on studies that will determine our future. Throughout five years, we then hardly see daylight, with very little time left to explore the actual work opportunities that may some day derive from it – we just assume we’re gonna be ok. I remember the job guide that eventually landed into my hands; the careers’ descriptions were appalling.

I tried to escape from Law. Took a year off at the age of 21, travelled, acquired work experience. To get a good job however it appeared that a Master’s degree of some sort was absolutely necessary – well, in fact not, but back then it was supposed to make a difference. I thus went for it. Got my LL.M. And since then whatever I did, I always ended up with the same hat: “legal minded”.

This time is luckily over now. Making long phrases out of nothing will not be requested from me anymore. I can now shut up in peace, and while others may be busy arguing about upcoming European regulations, I will be moving on in silence, heading towards the future using a text editor.