Moving on with programming

As mentioned in a previous post my activities as a web developer have taken a new turn last year as I started learning how to code – see my latest achievements here.

While there is no need to master any programming languages to build websites, a variety of content management solutions being available on the market, it does make things slightly easier as you are not limited by systems built by others anymore.

The consequence is, I can now not only make websites look exactly the way I want rather than customising existing style sheets, but also produce web applications with fun features, like this very basic drawing app.

Am I trying to sell you something? Maybe… Programming is indeed not just another hobby so if you have any need in terms of web development, it’s the right time to drop me a line!

Life is so full of opportunities to start again. Overwhelmed by day to day activities and commitments we often miss them. But it’s all right, as new opportunities keep showing up every day until you eventually catch one – as indeed, you will.

Over the past years I got to know a growing number of people who got faced with the tricky question at least once in their life: “should I carry on with what was so far my main focus or leave it aside and move towards something completely different?”.

Living the life they could once only dream of is now their reward.