Latest news

Three years have past since my last post and while I can’t think of any big announcement to make, time has come for me to at least provide an update. After years of online activities I found myself a bit less connected and started to invest more time in more practical occupations, such as cooking and baking – obtaining a proper food hygiene certificate and embarking into a seven months’ work experience doing food demonstrations and sampling; but also gardening and house management, which led me to my current role as property and grounds administrator – consisting in doing what I would normally do for my own home, except at a bigger scale, as this is our town’s open spaces and buildings I now look after.

On the personal projects side of things I am still handling the daily administration / financial and legal aspects of our web partnership recently renamed Black Badger Labs to match with the brand behind our so far most successful game Survive the Dark Ages. I have also recently completed a course on the science of nutrition and try to deepen my understanding of the world around us through scientific readings and broadcasted conferences – of which fascinating developments on quantum physics such as the theory of biocentrism by Robert Lanza and the double causality principle by Philippe Guillemant, which I will try to talk more about in my next posts.