Digital Policies

Whereas information technologies are now part of our everyday life, digital innovation seems to remain quite a mysterious process for people not working in the software industry. In fact, the latter is split itself between those actually building digital solutions and those dealing with legal and political frameworks to innovation: the gap is so big that we invariably end up with incongruous regulations leading most innovators straight into a brick wall. This comes at the expense of our global economy and as a matter of consequence, no more and no less than the future of our society.

The situation is alarming. Barriers to innovation are multiplying and the absurd thing is, the ones who set them up genuinely believe they are doing the opposite – encouraging it.

Here is a list of topics on which I hope to provide you with a better understanding:

  • software patents, copyright and trademarks
  • open access, open data, open knowledge, open source
  • security, privacy protection, net neutrality, freedom of expression

All of them are interconnected, and commonly referred to as digital rights and freedoms. Visit the blog section of this website for further insights.

Former articles on software patents:

Master’s Degree Dissertation on the EU Copyright Directive:

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