Latest news

Three years have past since my last post and while I can’t think of any big announcement to make, time has come for me to at least provide an update. After years of online activities I found myself a bit less connected and started to invest more time in more practical occupations, such as cooking and baking – obtaining a proper food hygiene certificate and embarking into a seven months’ work experience doing food demonstrations and sampling; but also gardening and house management, which led me to my current role as property and grounds administrator – consisting in doing what I would normally do for my own home, except at a bigger scale, as this is our town’s open spaces and buildings I now look after.

On the personal projects side of things I am still handling the daily administration / financial and legal aspects of our web partnership recently renamed Black Badger Labs to match with the brand behind our so far most successful game Survive the Dark Ages. I have also recently completed a course on the science of nutrition and try to deepen my understanding of the world around us through scientific readings and broadcasted conferences – of which fascinating developments on quantum physics such as the theory of biocentrism by Robert Lanza and the double causality principle by Philippe Guillemant, which I will try to talk more about in my next post.

Sciences and tech

There comes a point in your life where you need to contemplate the patchwork of experiences it is made of and find once and for all the common thread, the unifying pattern. I tried for years without much success until a question broke through: could it be that my interest for sciences had been underlying some of my choices?

I would for sure never have embraced a scientific career, too aware I was of how tedious the studies would have been – I picked mathematics as main subject in secondary school and believe me, it was no picnic. Scientific magazines, however, remained the main thing I’d read every time I was travelling, the best way I would find to truly clear my mind.

Naturally, I have no expertise whatsoever in any of these topics you may randomly find me absorbed in. To be quite honest, I actually get bored when it comes to study one of them in more depth – as it happens I am currently doing an online course on the molecular mechanisms of aging and while I am determined to complete the six weeks program, I feel that 80% of what I have learned so far have already left my brain.

Still, I like to keep myself informed. Learn a bit of this and a bit of that. Forget about it, and then discover it again. This is always such a source of wonder. The impossible becoming possible. Did you know that quantum mechanics could explain that an event happening today, if not determined by the past, could be determined by the future? And that neuroplasticity, provided we give it enough time, should allow us to develop entire areas of our brain all along our life, disregarding our age? This is all just fascinating.

Whether or not my interest for sciences has been behind my life choices in the past may in fact be of small importance. The real question is, should I make more room for it in the future and if so, what sort of contribution may I bring that could be of interest to  the world – or at least, to my fellows? Fighting software patents was perhaps a good start… Let’s see now: a more direct approach may be within reach.